Thanksgiving Craft: DIY Leaf Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving Craft: DIY Leaf Napkin Rings

These stylish on the lookout autumn encouraged napkin rings will insert the ideal contact to any Thanksgiving feast. As an added bonus they are quite simple to make and value close to nothing at all.

To see the image of the completed venture, visit napkin rings.shtml

What You may need

1. Salt

2. Flour

three. Water

4. Rolling pin

5. Chopping board

6. Cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil

seven. Golden yellow paint or Several other autumn coloration.

eight. High quality tipped paintbrush

nine. Ribbon in a dim autumn colour such as maroon.

ten. Leaf button or smaller leaf stamp

eleven. Sharp kitchen area knife

twelve. Fake autumn leaves (these can normally be found in the craft portion of most merchants)

thirteen. Very hot glue gun


one. First you need to make the salt dough.

2. In a very medium bowl combine: 1 Cup salt, 1 Cup flour and frac12; Cup drinking water.

3. Knead the dough until it reaches a clay like consistency. If it is way too sticky insert a lot more flour. Whether it is also dry add much more h2o.

four. Put a small level of flour on the realm exactly where you may be rolling out the dough and spread it evenly so that the dough will likely not stick.

five. Roll out the dough with the rolling pin till it is actually a couple of frac14; of an inch thick.

six. Use the button or stamp to produce an perception in the dough.

seven. Utilize the knife to cut a rectangle or sq. throughout the impact.

eight. Position the items around the cookie sheet. Ensure you area them within the sheet Together with the indent struggling with up.

9. When you have designed as quite a few as you would like. Switch the oven to heat and set the pan during the oven.

10. The period of time it will eventually get to dry the items depends upon the oven. So Examine them consistently. It is going to most certainly take about two three hrs for them to dry wholly. When they are completed they will be difficult, light weight and make a hollow audio when tapped on.

eleven. When they’re accomplished, paint the indent with the picked color.

12. Enable the paint to dry.

13. Plug in the hot glue gun.

fourteen. Slash the ribbon into four inch lengthy pieces.

15. Opt for leaves to the napkin rings and take away stems if needed.

16. With the very hot glue gun, put glue around the back of the salt dough piece and fix it to your front of the leaf, so which the piece is a little slanted.

seventeen. If the glue has dried flip the leaf over and set a little line of glue in the direction of The bottom from the leaf.

18. Attach the ribbon so that it kinds a hoop.

19. Use as you should every other napkin ring.

Thanksgiving Craft: DIY Leaf Napkin Rings

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