YouTubers React to Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

YouTubers React to Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

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WarrockCrazines says:

“I would say I was happy, then I was turned on”

yanniexox says:

Check out my channel & subscribe :)

MsPopsensationLol says:


seth shutter says:

Youtubers react to the Gmod idiot box

IKnowYouTeeHee says:

How to basic= Next episode youtubers

Mya Slate says:

Youtubers react to Jeff the Killer!

Bonquisha Maree says:


Mackenzie Sowers says:

It is indicating this is all manufactured by Hollywood, & how they think.. The puppets started eating the brains & the heart, telling you that the children’s creativity and emotions as puppets were zoomed out and you could see a Hollywood movie set being taken by the media, “gobbled up.” The elite creates shows to “teach” children to be creative, but in actuality, they’re teaching our children to be, well, puppets.

Dawson Rose says:

Pewdie’s reaction XD

Grace Williams says:

react to cant hold us!

fenella watkins says:

You tubers react to fainting goats

Siggimadurinn says:

im gonna be creative when i grow up im gonna make a new species by make a dog fuck a woman! creativity gone too far right there.

Joshua Wiley says:

It started cute the freaking crazy

randigraves1234 says:

Youtubers react test has a operitaion

Vitank Waulfebane says:

Youtubers React To MINECRAFT!!!!!

Siggimadurinn says:

Kids React to Smosh React to Kids React to Smosh

musicisinmysoul1119 says:

Youtubes react to Teddy has an operation

micanalRAE says:


LinkHyrule1998 says:

I think it seems like stupid anti-creativity propraganda

1adventuregamer says:

Youtubers react to auzzie batler style

Jack Monier says:

teens need to react to beyonce’s new commercials!!!! she is sooooo beautiful

Cody TK says:


Deji Ojebode says:

It could mean that creativity has gone to far these days, and too much creativity could lead to the downfall of your mind. . . . . .deep. I know

Francisco Castro says:

Youtubers react to squidwards suicide 

Sophia Castillo says:

what the f*** this video post to be about fun or death

Diogo Crava says:

youtubers react to anime and manga

Howeie007 says:

teens react to teddy gets an operation

taisha luperon says:

Lmfao britosh seseme street

Anainvis says:

Teens react to!

Natalia Gonzalez says:

What shane said on 7:20 was soooo freakin true People i know loveeee crazy shit -__-

Mickey Jana says:

teens react to beyonce h&m commercial

Melis1929 says:

Make them react to twerking!

Siggimadurinn says:

Teens react to Jon Lajoie :) it would be hilarious especially Drug Commercial Hand Commercial I Kill people and Genitalia :)

Michael Martinez says:

Lol better thank Berny

Ajfunk327 says:

YouTubers react to External World by David O’Riley

shayal maharaj says:

make them react to fiji style aja aja 2

Anuradha Gobin says:

happy appy

LoLepic Failer says:

show them LOLGASMS or MEMEFIELD plz plz plz

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